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Looking for a trucking school? A new truck driver can land a $40K a year job their first year, often doubling that in a few years. Are you dreaming of the adventure and financial security of a truck driving career and want to start work on your CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) now? Ready to become the responsible and dependable person you know you can show the world you can be? Ready for the bright, secure future you deserve?

No matter what drives you ⚊ a passion for career independence or financial security ⚊ A&K Training Facility LLC will prepare you for this opportunity.  Our passion is in making a difference in the everyday lives of our students. We’re dedicated to delivering success to you. Join A&K Training Facility LLC Driving Force today and start your exciting, high paying career as a commercial truck driver NOW.

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We have our own testing site.  You won’t need to schedule or wait months.  With our proven results, you can test, retrain and retest until your skills are superb and you are fully certified.

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Our Track Record

We are a family-owned company that has been helping people qualify for high paying jobs in the trucking industry since 2010. We are more committed than ever to providing the trucking industry the best-trained student drivers in the business.

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CDL Classes That Lead To Jobs

At A&K Training Facility, we feel that training you to learn the skills needed to obtain your CDL is only part of the job. We strive to make sure that students who meet all required skill sets upon completion of our program have a fair opportunity for employment.  

Our CDL Driver Training Process Will Help You Find Work!

Our driver training application process is more thorough and professional than the other schools because we want to make sure that you will meet the hiring qualifications required to get a job as a professional truck driver.

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